has published their review of the One Sore Thumb album that was recently released.  The Equal Ground is a website that specializes in reviewing new upcoming artists, most of which are unsigned and independent. You can read the review by clicking the link below:  


One Sore Thumb is a solo project by Randy Allen based out of Phoenix, AZ.  A new album was recently released and more information on how to listen to it may be found here. This site serves as a hub to the various social networking sites for the project as well as a place for information to be added in the future.  Please keep an eye on the site as it will be updated from to time as new information emerges.  For now, here is a message from Randy Allen regarding the new album:
"Isolated", speaks of four different ways a person can become isolated. Either by being different, not reaching for help when it is needed most, not holding up to promises or by putting yourself above others.  A challenge for myself has been in learning to play guitar with only part of my left arm, which is the result of a birth defect. Thanks to the patience and presence of so many for their help and encouragement through this journey.


a4016407076_10m Isolated is the latest release available now on Bandcamp.  Click the below link to listen to the album! BandCamp


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